Sheila Fein - Illustrator
Mama Graciela's Secret

I am an illustrator and a fine artist. I vacillate between the two on a daily basis.
As a fine artist I create works on canvas, cardboard, and fine paper with acrylic paint, oil pastels, pastels, colored pencil, ink markers, and the airbrush. My work is in private collections across the US and abroad. I love to have solo art shows as well as curate shows with other artists. Day-to-day I teach art to private students as well as run two figurative drawing workshops called People Sketchers and Imaginings Sketch. This is where I practice drawing the human figure and let my imagination fly. From fantasy portraits, to fantasy pop art, I combine the literal with my imagined world to create my imagery.

The techniques I have learned as a fine artist make my job as an illustrator and a digital artist, very exciting. There is nothing I love more than bringing a story to life. Presently, I have the honor of working on the amazing story, Mama Graciela’s Secret, a dream come true for me.
I am also working on illustrating two of my own stories, which I am excited to be bringing to life.

As an original New Yorker transplanted to the Santa Monica Mountains of LA, I feel I have a unique perspective. I have raised four amazing daughters with my husband and now I am Gami to two active grandsons.  There is never a dull moment or a time I am without inspiration.
Whether, I am creating a painting for the joy of creating or using my craft for illustration, I seek to work without the critic on my shoulder. Following the voice inside has led me to this wonderful and fulfilling dual career.

Artist Statement

Fantasy Pop is how I have come to describe my work. I view the world in a fantastical and dreamlike way and I am enamored with contemporary popular culture. Everything is always new to me and I delight in experimentation. Odd moments with people, the natural world, and objects catch my attention. I seek to surprise the viewer and myself with unexpected perspectives.

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