Makarand Desai
Tommy Toe
Since I was a child, drawing was my passion. Storybooks, comic books, and watching cartoons always inspired me to draw. I would read whatever comic books I could get my hands on, and be fascinated by the colorful illustrations.  I used to get so involved in those stories that I wanted to live in that (imaginary) world, but never dreamed about choosing art as my profession though.  And then, I spontaneously made the decision to join an art school, and got admitted for commercial art.
Soon I realized this was not the field I’d hoped it would be; one where I could create my dream world. I wanted to learn comic book art or animation. But having an advertizing degree opened the doors to my dream profession.
Within three months I quit my advertising job and started looking for my dream job. I got the chance through a company who was making animated commercials, being able to learn everything about the animation process.
I’m glad I chose the art field. Fifteen years ago I moved to the US to advance my career. I’ve been working as a freelance artist since then. I’ve worked on animation, storyboards and book illustration projects. Over the past fifteen years, however, traditional art and animation has changed into digital art and now in to 3d/ virtual reality. I learned digital art to stay in the main stream, but my passion for drawing won’t change. In addition I do also like to paint in watercolor. In conclusion, I want to continue working in this field and do what I love to do.