John Smith - Author

Wrinkles in My Socks

John Wayne Smith (what a moniker!) is a 57 year old, 6’-2” tall, 180 pound, 5th generation native of Central City, Colorado with brown hair and brown eyes and no tattoos or facial hair but a few scars. He and his 7 year old Malamute and legitimate service dog, Bode Miller (he doesn’t have any tattoos either) currently live, work, play, write, doodle, make walking sticks, music and mild mayhem somewhere in the Vail Valley.
While contemplating the universe and the IRS, John and Bode can be found in Vail wandering the streets in the wee hours of the morning talking to themselves and each other, sometimes in costume. Their delightful, daily, daytime excursions into the woods and up and down the railroad tracks between here and who knows where keep the muse amused and fluid.
With an unbelievably wide and varied wealth of life experience to draw on and several near life experiences to temper the whole affair, Smith and Miller put a bold face on simple, everyday problems and frustrations.
When the world gives you lemonaide, make lemons!!!...or something like that…
John and Bode aspire to be really cool and chill and have a lot of like-minded friends and to meet Bode Miller serendipitously someday and have a snowball fight.