Janet King - Illustrator

I Love Outside
Star Fishing

Janet King was born in a small Tudor village in Berkshire England, she attended Epsom Art College after several years of work and travel. She now lives and works Hampshire where she has created illustrations, cartoons, and simple animation as well as sculpting for giftware. But is now more likely to use her illustrating skills, this being her first love.
Some of her work is produced directly in Photoshop. Or at times designing the basic concept and scanning into the computer to develop the work. As well as using conventional materials such as pencil, ink, watercolour and gouache.
These illustrations have been used for mainly children's books as well as cartooning for manuals and websites.
She enjoys conjuring the atmosphere of a story and bringing it into visual life. From fairy tales to horror, for adults and children. One book she illustrated ‘Bluey’ was short listed for the Peoples Book Prize in 2010.