Heath Gray - Illustrator
Tilly the Turtle &
​LaDonna Plays Hoops

Heath James Gray was born in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Heath Gray has had a passion for illustration from the time he could pick up a pencil. He started out as a sign writer from the age of fifteen.
Attended a graphic design course at Auckland University of Technology, AUT.
Heath worked as a 2d character animator for eight years, where he trained under a Disney animator, John Ewing.
Here he worked on television shows for Disney, and Warner Bros.
Heath Gray also worked on many New Zealand TV series, and commercials. And directed two of these TV commercials.
Heath has dedicated his life to illustration, and specializes in children’s book, and cartoon illustrations.
There is nothing else Heath Gray would rather do than illustration, except perhaps travel the world in a Hot air balloon.

To view more of Heath Gray’s illustration work, feel free to go to Deviant Art, where Heath Gray also goes under the alias
Name, verbarlin.