Frequently asked questions

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing has been a pleasure to work with. Tannya Derby is an informed editor who understands the process of involving the writer in the process of book production. I don’t illustrate stories so I was dependent upon Tannya to provide the artists my two picture books. Matching the text to beautiful illustrations is key to the overall presentation of a book. The artists she selected are true professionals and their creative styles worked perfectly with each of my texts.

From the negotiations of the contracts to the editing to the final proof, Tannya’s professionalism has been of superior quality. An editor-writer relationship is critical in publishing a book.  Tannya not only provides opportunity for text revision, suggestions, and approval of the finished book, she is pleasant to work with.
I have been fortunate to have two books published by MacLaren-Cochrane, and I’m thrilled with both. Hats off to Tannya and MacLaren-Cochrane!

- Nancy Kelly Allen - author of  "Gone Cuckoo" & "Hiram's Gift"
  1. Do you charge the author or illustrator for publication?
    NO. We are NOT a vanity publishing company.
  2. What is the mailing address? How do I contact you?
    4325 Lafayette Dr El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 916-897-1670 You can also use the email form below.
  3. What do you mean by working one-on-one?
    We are committed to creating books without taking control from the hands of our authors and illustrators. We're a team.
  4. Do you do the marketing and promotion?
    Yes, we do some marketing and promotion. This includes sending copies to reviewers and award committees, based on the type of book. We do ask that our authors and illustrators have a website, Facebook, or some sort of social media to promote their work. Invest in your art.
  5. Where are your books distributed?
    Our titles are made available to tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, internet commerce companies, and other channel partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other book retailers and wholesalers across North America.
  6. Who prints your books?
    Ingram Spark - at the highest quality And we print in POD, because we believe in not having a ton of books printed that sit around and don't get loved.
  7. Do you use Createspace?
  8. What book formats do you use?
    We publish Hardcover, Softcover, We also publish EVERY BOOK in Dyslexic Font. See Dyslexic Font Tab for information.
  1. Do I need an agent?
    NO, but if you have one, we will work with them.
  2. Do I need an illustrator?
    No, we will match your work to the illustrator we feel is right for the project.
  3. Do your authors or illustrators pay for anything?
    You do not pay MCP for doing anything. You will pay for you own copies of your books at a discounted rate.
  4. Will I need to edit my work if it's accepted?
    This depends on the book. We find that the picture books submitted to us do not require extensive editing in most case SM CH, however, usually call for edits. We evaluate each book on an individual basis.
  5. How do you compensate your authors and Illustrators?
    We do NOT offer work-for-hire contracts. We work on Royalty Only contracts.
  6. When will I get a decision?
    Right now it is taking longer due to the numbers of submissions.
  7. Are you a PAL Publisher with SCBWI?
    YES we are!!! Our founder is a personal member of SCBWI and believes in the value of this organization.
  8. What if I have other questions?
    Please use the form below.
  1. Can we get our book on the shelf at bookstores?
    I am finding that some smaller bookstores are okay with ordering their copies through us so they can get the correct discount. Where it depends on their contract with Ingram whether they get the discount they want.
  2. What about B&N?
    B&N are a little tougher. It is a store by store bases weather they will order the book. Most of the time they will do author events if you contact the Community Event Coordinator at your local store.

Artists Testimonials

Working with Tannya Derby at MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing is an absolute pleasure. Not only does she help bring picture books to life, Tannya lives the books she publishes. Her enthusiasm for the story, text, characters and illustrations is apparent in all Tannya does…and she does it all, all hours of the day and night. Tannya is receptive to every email and phone call, addressing concerns big and small among her authors and illustrators. As a result she knows the intricacies of each picture book and offers great insight as her authors and illustrators build their brands. Tannya’s industry acumen and art design knowledge plays a leading role in the success of the picture books she publishes. And yet Tannya is always willing to learn more to further an author or illustrator’s work.
- Jenna Hammond, author of “Downward Mule”

Awesome is a word that springs to mind when working with Tannya.
Her professionalism and friendly attitude make it an absolute pleasure to deal with her. She has a talent for spotting up and coming artists and writers, and gives them room to grow whilst offering them support and encouragement. I cannot thank her enough for making my job even more fun to do.

- Steve Page, Illustrator of "Downward Mule", "Crazy Crab", "Bath of Least Resisitance", "Washburn" & "Pencil Eater"
MacLaren-Cochrane published my first book.  After many disappointing experiences with several established publishing houses, the welcoming attitude from M-C was refreshing. Within two months of signing a contract, a high quality book was assembled and published.  Throughout the process, M-C was supportive and responsive to our concerns. I am excited to continue my publication relationship with M-C.

KD Chapman - Pat the Bat & Nat the Rat
MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing is a nice company with whom to be an author.  The founder is really great at being considerate of your thoughts and ideas, but she also has good suggestions.  As a small publishing company, it is such that we are all part of one family.  Now that the company has SCBWI  PAL status, that is just another plus.  I am glad my first work of children's fiction was published with MCP.
Dr. Kimberly A. Gordon Biddle - LaDonna Plays Hoops
Working with MacLaren-Cochrane publishing has been a wonderful experience!
They have good communication, they get things done in a timely fashion and the finished product is excellent!
The staff is absolutely wonderful to work with!
I feel that they go above and beyond to help authors and illustrators accomplish their vision!

Shawnie Clark
Children's Author - Writer
Wonder Wheels & Bug Off
Working with Tannya Derby, Art Director and founder of Maclaren Cochrane Publishing, specializing in children's stories, has proved to be an exhilarating experience, a true learning experience.  
"Tommy Toe," now released, achieves a quality of workmanship that's impressive.  Illustrations by Makarand Desai... flawless.  His interpretations of character through postures, facial expressions, has lifted the story far beyond the written word. 

Tannya's insight, executive ability, and hard work bode well for the future. 
Many thanks, Tannya,
Peter Frazier - Tommy Toe, Goober Man & Mr. Blue
As a first time author, working with MacLaren-Cochrane has been a wonderful experience from start to finish of the publishing process. I knew my story was in good hands when Tannya immediately began facilitating communication between myself and my book's illustrator. It was clear Tannya wanted to bring my book to life as quickly as possible. Being new to the process, all of my questions were answered promptly and with great care. MCP has given me an amazing welcome into the children's book arena!

Kim Constantinesco - Solar the Polar
Illustrating for MacLaren-Cocherane was a very smooth process. The Art Director is personable and professional.

—J.L. Evans -Solar the Polar
Opportunities in children's publishing continue to change rapidly, with ever-more options available for new and established authors and illustrators.   Innovative publishing models are available and require careful scrutiny.  As a 45-year veteran in this industry, working with the smallest to the largest traditional publishers, I can highly recommend MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing as a creative, professional, reputable new publishing venture. NOT a vanity publisher!  Their expanding list reflects a rich variety of subject and style, both in text and illustration.  Fun, colorful, quality books in hardcover and paperback editions, plus the innovative dyslexic editions unique to the current market.  This is a wonderful venue for both experienced and novice talent.  I'm honored to be the agent for several of their authors and illustrators, also publishing a few of my own picture books!
Sandy Ferguson Fuller
Author, Illustrator and Literary Agent
The Nifty Thrifty    
Got one for D.A. Jolley :)

“I met Tannya in social setting first. She was a publisher and writer, and I had published several books in genre fiction through self-publishing. We shared a love of books and nerdy things and talked about publishing. I had toyed with the idea of writing a children's book, but as much as I loved toys, I never thought that I could actually do it. Where to begin? Who was my audience? How do I write to a child?

“Tannya encouraged me to dive in. She told me not to talk down to children, to encourage them to read and to look up new words if they had to. I gave it a shot and I'm fortunate that Tannya gave me a chance to bring my story to life. MacClaren-Cochrane agreed to publish Beastronauts and connected me with a fantastic artist, Alejandro Echavez, who fulfilled my vision – then took it further.

“Working with MacClaren-Cochrane has been professional, easy, and enjoyable. I've even started work on a second Beastronauts book and look forward to working with Tannya and MacClaren-Cochrane again.”