Alejandro Echavez - Illustrator



Illustrator ,Cartoonist, Animator

When Alejandro was just 4 years old, he left his native New York , to live in Bogotá , Colombia with his mother and younger brother. It was there, at the very young age of 6, that he started to show interest in art. More than interest, it was a natural talent that his family nurtured, and developed. During his years in Colombia , he won numerous art contests, and sold artwork to his friends in school to make money for toys and clothes. He even got involved in politics. At the age of 12, he illustrated the voting guide for the presidential election. Alejandro, returned to New York , alone, at the age of 21 to live with his aunt, his only family member in the United States.

It was a difficult transition for him. Not only did he miss his family, but he found himself in need of a job, and more importantly, facing a language barrier. Fortunately, he was very determined. He found a full time job during the day, and went to school to learn English at night. His time was scarce, but he found time to draw whenever he could, even if it meant working late into the night. He was able to adjust to the New York City lifestyle, and learned English very quickly. This made it possible for him to get a job as a clerk at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center , where his aunt had been working. Finished with his English classes, he began taking art classes at The School of Visual Arts, where he began to learn about Airbrushing, and Animation.

Saint Vincent ’s turned out to be more than just a job, it became his canvas. Soon his artwork began appearing in doctor’s offices’, on informational signs and posters throughout the hospital, and most touchingly, on a plaque he created in memory of Kathy Kelly, a nurse who died in a tragic accident. His work spoke for itself, and soon people began commissioning work for their homes, and businesses. Since then, he has designed logos, murals, including several murals for a daycare center, and one in progress at Saint Vincent ’s Pediatric Unit, and has illustrated two books pending publication. He is currently working on his own children’s book in collaboration with his fiancée, and has created short computer animations using his own characters. He is also a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

A kid at heart, his artwork is often colorful, and playful in theme. He enjoys creating artwork that is eye-catching, and attributes the vibrancy in his artwork, to the use of multiple mediums, and secret techniques he’s developed throughout the years. It is not uncommon for one drawing to include airbrush, colored pencils, markers, and various paints. His unique style, versatility, and ability to listen, is what helps him capture what people want. He knows how difficult the life of an artist can be, but he loves what he does, and looks forward to making up for any loss time.