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Other Titles in Development

​​ Nat the Rat​​
Release Date TBD   Written By KD Chapman, Illustrated by Kelly Stribling Sutherland
The second book from the series of Pat the Bat.  Pat and Friends early readers. 
Teneesy Meensy Mice
Release Date TBD  Written By Donna Marie Merritt, Illustrator Ed Heck
Teneesy Meensy Mice follows the rambunctious adventures of mischievous mice who use a family's house as a playground at night.
The Bunny Poets
Release Date TBD 
By Barbara Toboni, Illustrator Sandy Ferguson Fuller        
Poet Percy and his best friend, Bonny, enjoy a springtime picnic outing and  create  a  bunny  poem  together.
This  lively story will inspire many youngsters  to pen  a poem of their own.

Wrinkle In my Socks
Release Date TDB 
Words and Art by John Smith,           
One need not be a skier to appreciate the uncomfortable inconvenience posed by discovering a wrinkle
in one’s sock…any sock…any sport…especially when racing the clock to get dressed in time to catch the bus…any bus!  Doesn’t help to have an impatient, big brother pacing in the hall, or a watchful Mom waiting downstairs.  Includes fun rhyme and counting time!

Bug Off
Release Date TBD  Written By Shawnie Clarke, Illustrator Makarand Desai
Peter had the weight of the world on his shoulders when his family moved to a new town. Things were even heavier when the school bully came calling. Life would never be the same due to one of the ugliest bugs inching onto the scene and one simple act of kindness. 
The Power of a Dream
Release Date TBD   Written By Linda Covella, Illustrator Debbie Bolton   
The Power of a Dream tells of a little-known part of U.S. history when, in 1775, some of the first Spanish settlers embarked on a colonization expedition from Mexico to California led by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza.
Iris and the Rainbow Day
Release Date TDB 
By Joise Montano,  Illustrator Andrea Peixoto
Iris is an odd but charming little girl whose daily ritual is to live a different colour of the rainbow. i.e.: Monday is red day, Tuesday is orange.
She only wears clothing of that colour, eats food of that shade and plays with toys or games of that tint.
But one red day her mum forgets to wash her red clothes, they can’t find any red food at the markets and her red book is missing.
How does Iris handle this out of control situation?
With her mum’s help Iris figures out that she can have rainbow days.
Release Date TDB 
By TL Derby, Illustrator Steve Page  
Tux in the Zoo
Release Date TBD 
By Diana Aleksandrova, Illustrator TBD     

Outside the Box
Release Date TBD 
By Aneta Cruz, Illustrator Yeng Yang    

My Community
Release Date TBD 
By Raven Howell,  Illustrator Yeng Yang   

George Winsdor's Holiday Series
Release Date TBD  
By Katy Chow,  Illustrator Burcin Pervin Karamuco   

The Pencil Eater
Release Date TBD 
By Stacey Lynn Corrigan, Illustrator Steve Page 

The Brown Rose
Release Date TBD 
By Katy Chow, Illustrator Kristina Litunovskaia    

The Sqeezor is coming!
Release Date TBD 
By Becky Benishek, Illustrator Matt Fiss   

Bouncy Beluga 1, 2, & 3 
Release Date TBD  
By Katy Chow, Illustrator Meg Hewick   
Jack of all Sports
Release Date TBD 
By Caulen Derby, llustrator TBD     

The Hanukkah Fable of Little Dreidel and Silver Menorah
Release Date TBD 
By Sylvia Rouss, Illustrator TBD